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everStick® fiber reinforcements


New everStick® special fiberglass used in clinic for post and core preparation for dental crown restoration.

“everStick®” fiberglass reinforcements have been developed for modern, minimally invasive dentistry. They are made of silanized glass fibers, a light-cured resin matrix, and a thermoplastic polymer.

The “everStick®” product line aims to focus on minimally invasive dentistry, where the goal is to keep the patient’s tooth tissue healthy for as long as possible. Thus, there is an opportunity to postpone more aggressive treatments.


IPN (Deep Penetration Polymer Mesh Structure) – the core of everStick® fibers



One of the keys to successful treatment is the right combination of fiber and composite. Only “everStick®” products have a unique, patented Deep Penetration Polymer Mesh Structure (IPN). Clinically, this ensures a better quality connection, a stronger and more reliable application, and excellent usability.

The advantage of the IPN structure is that it is possible to work with the restoration surface even after the final polymerization. Surface upgrade is important to ensure a better connection when:

• Laboratory restoration is cemented to the tooth.

• When fiber-reinforced composite (FRC) restorations are being remodeled or repaired.

Thanks to the IPN structure, “everStick®” products stand out from other commercial fibers and composite materials.

This special fiberglass can be used to make individual post and core for dental crown restoration. A post is cemented into a prepared root canal, which retains a core restoration, which retains the final crown.