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2004 – 2007

2004-2007 years


2007 November

Compliments and certificate from famous specialist in esthetic implant dentistry Dr. Zvi Artzi from Israel after lecture in ICOI Congress in Mumbai, India. Lecture was dedicated to the latest innovations in esthetic implantology.





2007 September

Nice impressions from the beautiful city of Barcelona during EAO Congress.




2007 May

 Nice impressions from the International Conference for Periodontology in Vilnius, Lithuania.




2006 October Taipei/Taiwan

Professor G. Juodzbalys gave lecture in 24th ICOI World Congress 2006 as international speaker. Successful lecturing was highly evaluated by Organizing Committee and Congress participants.





2006 October Zurich/Switzerland

Professor G. Juodzbalys participated in 15th Annual Scientific Meeting of European Association of Osseointegration in Zurich. G. Juodzbalys represented poster presentation about aesthetic implant dentistry.  



2006 June

22 June docent G. Juodzbalys successfully finished habilitation procedure. The commission consisted from seven professors and three of them were from Finland. It was made conclusion that G. Juodzbalys fully qualified to the professor‘s degree.



2006 June

G. Juodzbalys was a General Chairman of International Congress Baltic Compass Oulu-Kaunas. This Conference was held on 9-10 June 2006 in Kaunas . Speakers from 13 different countries gave lectures at this conference.



2006 Freiburg/Germany and Villeret/Switzerland


Associate Professor Gintaras Juodzbalys participated in one-week course designed for clinicians experienced in the field of implant dentidtry. Course was organized by ITI (International Team for Implantology), Straumann company in association with the University of Freiburg/Germany. There was also the possibility to make presentation concerning aesthetic implant dentistry.


End of course: photo with course director Prof. Dr. Rainer Schmelzeisen (center) and director of ITI Prof. Dr. Dieter Weingart (right)



2006 Copenhagen/Denmark


G. Juodzbalys participated in 2nd ECRP Conference on the Reconstruction of the Periodontally Diseased Patient.



2005 December


We started to use dental implant system „Straumann“ This is dental implant system No1 in Europe! We are happy to have possibility to work with the most popular and best documented dental implant system in Europe.



During 2005 year Associate professor Gintaras Juodžbalys made scientific presentations in:

Cairo 6th. International  Implantology Conference;            

International Congress of Baltic Association of Maxillofacial Surgerists;

International conference „Contemporary Implant Dentistry“ in Kaunas

3d International Conference on "Esthetic Dental Solutions", Saint-Petersburg;

AAID Congress in The Westin Kierland Resort and Spa Scottsdale, Arizona;

Forth Congress of Osseointegration in Istanbul;

XVII International Odontostomatologic Congress in Monte-Carlo;


Tourist trip during XVII International Odontostomatologic Congress in Monte-Carlo


Discussions with Straumann company representatives in Forth Congress of Osseointegration in Istanbul



2005 June

G. Juodzbalys is a Chairman and initiator of International Conference „Contemporary Implant Dentistry“  17-18 June 2005 in Kaunas. Speakers from 8 different countries are invited to give lectures at this conference.



2004 December

We started to use dental implant system „Biohorizons“

This is a fast growing system. They are on the fifth position in USA and Canada market. The introducers of this system are well known and popular authors, of implant dentistry books.



2004 November

Associated professor Gintaras Juodžbalys – first place winner in annual AAID Congress, New York , USA 2005 with presentation „Classification of extraction sites for aesthetic and three-dimensional implant placement in immediate or delayed protocol”.


Congratulations from President of AAID Dr. Francis J. DuCoin (center) for the first place after table clinic presentation in annual AAID Congress, New York , USA 2005


Discussions with implant dentistry pioneer, editor-in-chief of Journal of Oral Implantology, member of AAID Board Dr. A. Norman Cranin



2004 March

Associated professor Gintaras Juodžbalys was invited speaker in „World Consensus Development Conference 6 (WCOI 6) for Oral Implantology“, Honolulu, Hawaii. His presentation title: „ Bone Enhancement – Local and Systemic: Site Anatomy “.



Tourist trip during World Consensus Development Conference 6 (WCOI 6) for Oral Implantology“, Honolulu , Hawaii , USA